Johannes Findeisen wrote:
What have you tried?

I'm using KMail in KDE and it has a function in the server setup where i can 
check what auhentication methods are supported by the server. KMail said that 
PLAIN, LOGIN and CRAM-MD5 are supported. When i'm configuring my SMTP Setup 
for using CRAM-MD5 the server said "authorization failed (#5.7.0)".
Didn't see this asked or answered earlier, but are you running a recent enough version of vpopmail that it supports cram-md5 auth? Also, are you running with cleartext passwords enabled? These both must be true for cram-md5 to work. Perhaps you should try forcing KMail to use plain or login, or test them yourself with telnet and perl.

Okay, i have found a permission problem on the dirs and smtp-after-pop is 
working now but shouldn't smtp-auth work too? It doesn't! I got the above 
message when trying to send a mail before i have logged in via pop3.


Hope that Helps,
Nick Harring

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