well this patch was bad, cause it had some text-wrapping... I fixed that...
but still that patch doesn't work with the latest devel of vpopmail....
Does anyone have a working one with 5.3.29?

> It's a good feature, but not ready for the release version of vpopmail.
I think I'm gonna have to dissagree, thats exactly what many ppl are looking
for in a new stable release, some new useful feautres, and this feautre is
good for anti-spam, anti-virus setup's

>   It makes use of a system call to copy the files.
> I emailed the original author with code to handle the copying within
> vpopmail.  If that gets integrated, replacing the system call to cp,
> then I'll consider adding it.
David Winkler would you fix that Tom just said if you by any chance are
reading this or anyone else that got the times and knowdlege to do it?

And seriously, I'm not a coder, but I think like this, the code is
probibly(I would think) applied to the vadduser part of the code?
So that would mean you must be either vpopmail or root to run it,, hence it
isn't suid..
So if a "intruder" would get access as root or vpopmail user they wouldn't
use some vadduser binary to "insecure" your system...?? Or just maybe
someone would be able in some difficult way thru qmailadmin be able to
haxx0r your system just cause of the vadduser code is using system??

I think it's safe enough..
I don't know about this for sure, but for me it sounds pretty hard???


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