On Friday, November 7, 2003, at 06:54 PM, Anders Brander wrote:
Making use of /dev/urandom and/or /dev/random will be high on our
priority list for the 5.5 development series.

You wan't patches? That would be a nice project for little me...

Yep, if you can come up with a patch that checks for the device file and defines a macro in config.h in addition to adding the code. Take a look at how other things work in configure.in to get an idea of how to accomplish that.

It should read enough bytes to built a salt or generate a random password (depending on which function is called). I would suggest creating a function in vpopmail to read the random bits into an array of some sort, and have all function that need random data make use of that function.

This way, we can keep the random code in one place -- either /dev/[u]random or srand[om]/rand[om].

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