Dear all:

        I'm trying to use some enviroment vars, such QMAILQUEUE,
TARPITCOUNT, QS_SPAMASSASSIN, etc, that I have defined in
/home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp via cdb files.

        As I'm using roaming users feature, each time that it automatically
adds authorized IPs, it rewrites tcp.smtp and this special enviroment
variables are overwrited. I have read in some forums and no one could give
me a good idea, and I have tried to edit the code and adds after
RELAYCLIENT="" my own enviroments, but this enviroment vars is used for
everyone that is authenticated by pop3.

        I'm interested to be able to define per IP address, anyone knows how
it's possible to do that?, It's possible to use some vmoduser  function to
establish special vars?


Juan Antonio

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