Hi list,

Sorry to disturb you all :)

Well, i'm trying to install on a debian 3.0 stable woody the nice
combinaison of:
Qmail / vpopmail / mysql / squirrelmail.
I've followed the howto
"http://www.pipeline.com.au/staff/mbowe/isp/webmail-server.htm"; but ran into
a big problem I think I won't be able to solve alone...

I don't know what I did wrong, but it seems that vpopmail & authmysql don't
use the same tables in my database:
Vpopmail add the domains like this: (when using the vadddomain toto.com)

Well, I think this is ok..
I add users like this: vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED], and I can find him and his
password in the test_com table.

What I don't understand is when I try to log in from an IMAP client
(squirrelmail or any other I had on the hands) is that the SQL query is:

SELECT id, crypt, "", uid, gid, home, "","",name FROM passwd WHERE

Could be ok, but the problem is there are no table passwd :/
I mean, I don't have a table that regroup the login datas of all my virtual
domains. So maybe one of you has an illuminating light to spot on my face so
I can come back to the light side, far from where i'm ;)
PS: I found out that the courier authmysqlrc file had parameterable fields,
but only for ONE domain, didn't figured out where was the mistake: is it on
the authmysqld side, or in the vpopmail side ?

List: i'm lost :( / help :)

Sorry for the "noise" my question will put in the list ;)

Marc Lecuyer
Far from beeing an admin :)

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