Here's what I'd do simply using vconvert:

[ populate cdb files from mysql format]
1) ~vpopmail/bin/vconvert -m -c

2) do whatever vpopmail upgrade you want

[ then populate the fresh database from step 2 ]
3) ~vpopmail/bin/vconvert -c -m

[ clean up old cdb files from above process ]
4) find /home/vpopmail/domains/ | grep vpasswd | xargs rm

Read man pages for more info.  This is what I did since in the process of
going to 5.3.29 I decided to use the --enable-many-domains=y option, which I
didn't use at first.  YMMV.


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Hi to all,
i have to convert vpopmail pop3 accounts done with 5.2.1 vpopmail and mysql
to 5.3.29 and mysql. I noticed that the database structure is different. Is
there anything to convert the domains all together ? 
thanks in advance



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