Jeff Hedlund wrote:

deny wrote:

and i receive my mails in

i try now to read them in mozilla ,for example
i think you had to configure .qmail-default like


| /var/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' /home/deny/.mozilla/default/90rri0p8.slt/Mail/

There are a couple of things wrong here:

a couple more

1. The second argument to vdelivermail is for the catchall, so it would only deliver mail to that directory if you sent mail to an address that did not exist for

that is the second line of a dotqmail file, it will be processed unless vdelivermail exits 99

2. Mozilla doesn't store mail in a Maildir format, so it would not be able to deliver to that directory.

but does it store mail in mbox? 'case that's what he wrote (no trailing /)


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