deny wrote:
right but which graphics clients can i use to read my message /var/vpopmail/domains/ ?

I am not aware of all the available graphical mail clients out there, but I know that mutt ( can recognize Maildir and mbox (and a few others).

There are probably many others, some googling would no doubt show.

if there's one , is there any configuration telling vpopmail to put messages
from/var/vpopmail/domains/ in this client ?

vpopmail does not currently support putting mail in a different location. But I do remember seeing a patch posted on this list that allowed storing the mail in user's home directories -- if I recall correctly.

Or you could setup a .qmail file in the user's vpopmail directory (eg, /var/vpopmail/domains/ to put the mail elsewhere - so that would be done on a per-user basis.

I think your best bet would be to just IMAP or POP the messages, even if only locally. That way you can use Mozilla (or any other mail client) to read the mail. (of course, that requires you to setup an IMAP and/or POP server)


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