Hello List,

I've been following Michael Bowe's crib sheet on how to set up qmail+vpopmail+mysql+loads+loadsmore

I'm experiencing a problem with squirrelmail+courier-imap which the imap list suggested was down to libvpopmail..

The Problem:

Squirrelmail works fine as long as I'm the only one using it. When more than one "connection" is made, the Squirrelmail drops everyone back to the login prompt and no valid user-passwd combinations work.

Restarting courier-imap fixes this temporarily.

The courier-imap list said this was down to libvpopmail and that a very latest version of this should cure it.

Im running vpopmail 5.2.1 .

Does the vpopmail list agree that this is the case, and how do I repair it if you do. Do I need to re-install the whole vpopmail, ( I was looking at 5.3.28) or can I just get this libvpopmail on its own?

I can't see that it should be this because Im using the same version as Michael Bowe was in his write-up.

Great write-up btw Michael.


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