I am using he newest Dev version of vpopmail with no problems and it's an
compile and upgrade, but please allways backup first.


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Subject: [vchkpw] libvpopmail + squirrelmail/courier-imap

> Hello List,
> I've been following Michael Bowe's crib sheet on how to set up
> qmail+vpopmail+mysql+loads+loadsmore
> I'm experiencing a problem with squirrelmail+courier-imap which the imap
> list suggested was down to libvpopmail..
> The Problem:
> Squirrelmail works fine as long as I'm the only one using it. When more
> one "connection" is made, the Squirrelmail drops everyone back to the
> prompt and no valid user-passwd combinations work.
> Restarting courier-imap fixes this temporarily.
> The courier-imap list said this was down to libvpopmail and that a very
> latest version of this should cure it.
> Im running vpopmail 5.2.1 .
> Does the vpopmail list agree that this is the case, and how do I repair it
> if you do. Do I need to re-install the whole vpopmail, ( I was looking at
> 5.3.28) or can I just get this libvpopmail on its own?
> I can't see that it should be this because Im using the same version as
> Michael Bowe was in his write-up.
> Great write-up btw Michael.
> Regards
> Jon
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