Running a server with perfectly working qmail, vpopmail (5.3.25),
qmailadmin etc. on FreeBDS 4.8. Now I tried to install sqwebmail.
As the sqwebmail-mailinglist is ignoring vpopmail-related stuff, I'm writing to you because I'm trying to use vchkpw autentication.

As 3.6.1 didn't work I also compiled 3.5.3, but had no sucess, too.

The error occured with different parameters for ./configure. Some of
them are:

./configure --with-authvchkpw --without-authdaemon --without-authpam
--without-authuseradb --without-authpwd --without-authshadow
--enable-softtimeout=600 --enable-autopurge=7 --with-defaultlang=de
--enable-imagedir=/ad2/service/web/sqwebmail --enable-webpass=vpopmail


./configure --enable-softtimeout=600 --enable-autopurge=7
--with-defaultlang=de  --enable-cgibindir=/ad2/web/service/cgi-bin

But every time I tried some configuration the following error occured:

Making all in authlib
make: don't know how to make all. Stop
*** Error code 1

There unfortunately are no additional information about the reason of
this failure or any other usefull hints.

 I searched for some time over google or in your mailinglist, also in
google groups but could not find anything helpfull. So it would be very
kind if you could help me.

Thanks for your help!

Benedikt Gleich

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