deny wrote:
it is up to you, in which format you store the
mail. and the fact that you use mozilla says that
you don't store it in a Maildir format.

how you get your mail from your friend and how to handle your
mail on your server are two different stories.
i think the best is perhaps to install squirrelmail
and read my mails with it , no ?
because i know a little about mutt and i search a graphic client

Installing squirrelmail is certainly an option, but in order to install squirrelmail you must install an IMAP server as well (e.g., Courier-IMAP).

And once you have an IMAP server installed, you could also retrieve your mail from the Mozilla mail client (or any other client that support IMAP).

There is also a web-based e-mail client that reads the Maildir directly (without having to install an IMAP or POP server), and that is sqwebmail:


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