jean wainer wrote:


I have a existing qmail installation (with custom webmail in php) which was
already bought with some generic japanese mysql-auth patch in a undocumented

I'm currently rebuilding the server, and looking to use vpopmail instead of
the old setup.
I want to migrate the old database to the "new" server (using vpopmail), and
my question is:
Is it possible to easily customize (change table name,user column name, etc)
the mysql table which vpopmail will use to authenticate?
Do I have to change anything else besides vmysql.h?

thanks in advance,


You can add custom rows to the MySQL table, and vpopmail will not be bothered or bother them at all, so if you wanted you could add a collumn named comments, and vpopmail would ignore it, but the rest would be able to retrieve the info if wanted.

No need to edit the source.


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