Hi list,

I have a problem:
I installed mysql vpopmail courier imap&pop, and now I have a strange

sometimes when I try to log in, via pop OR imap, a letter is added to my
username in the mysql request.
pass: test

and when I look on the mysql.log I see the following:

SELECT pw_name, pw_passwd, pw_uid, pw_gid, pw_gecos, pw_dir, pw_shell,
pw_clear_passwd from exemple.com where pw_name = "marcX"

as you see, the procedure is ok, but a letter is added to the username. I
don't know where this letter comes from, but it's there. Changing from
time to time. I think the letter X comes from a previous login, and stayed
on a buffer or something, well that's what I think.

I don't know what is the origin of the problem, and since I don't know how
to find information between the process of the login into imap / and the
moment the login is requested in the mysql db, it's hard to know who is
causing troubles.. I think it comes from vckkpw but i'm not sure... Is
there a way to see what's going on with vchkpw (some kind of debug log ?)

I'm blocked and didn't find valuable info on google/list archives; anyone
has clues about that problem ?

vpopmail used: 5.2.1


PS: exemple.com stands for maxiscreen.com; as I don't want to receive junk
mails on my new server, I didn't put the correct domain name in the
exemple :)

Marc Lecuyer,

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