Recently I tried to remove the auth-logging feature from our vpopmail

First some background: I had determined that our configuration was still
very master database dependant which is not one of our project goals.
Basically we have local databases on each client in the mail cluster we are
running. It works great because the master replicates the data to the
slaves, so we don't have to worry about moving the data around. Our goal was
to try and provide a reasonably available mail cluster for our clients, in
that if the master was down (which handles mysql and nfs duties) the mail
servers would queue messages and wait for the nfs to come backup. The
problem we encountered was that with the vpopmail options we had used
required constant update or insert queries (which are handled in the
libvpopmail and sent to the master server because of the replication
settings we used in vpopmail). So if the master was down... we had timeout
issues with pop3 authentication.

So I tried to recompile vpopmail without mysql-logging and auth-logging, but
ran into a problem when compiling vpopmail 5.3.20 under FreeBSD 4.8.

vdelolduser.c complained about an undefined function vget_lastauth and
failed to compile (with the option --enable-auth-logging=n).

Now... My question is this:

I modified the vdelolduser.c and moved the #endif that had commented out the
main() section of the vdelolduser.c if ENABLE_AUTH_LOGGING was not defined
to the end of the file... So basically... I made it so that if
ENABLE_AUTH_LOGGING wasn't enabled, none of the functions or the main
section of vdeloldusers would be compiled.

Would that have any negative effects? Other than the obvious that
vdelolduser is a useless binary.

We don't have a need for that anyways... So that is why I am asking here to
see if it has any internal uses that I don't see.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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