> However, /bin/sh exists.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] /]# su vpopmail
>   <insert output>
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] /]$ /bin/sh
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] /]$ exit
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] /]$ exit
> seems to work if you ask me.

It is your lack of talent to install it, in my system vpopmail is account
with login disabled.

Try su - vpopmail from useraccount, root can su to any user..


In attmepting to debug the issue, I enabled the account, figuring maybe the shell didn't have permission to launch. I do not keep it this way. Additionally, the password is ! to protect against anyone gaining access through it.

Thank you for your concern however. And apparently it's a bug in my version of vpopmail, and I thank Tom again for pointing that out.


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