Yes I did.
The versions on the main qmailadmin screen are correct when I did this also.
Is there a place where I can view these error logs?

Thanks for your response.

> At 10:02 AM 11/17/2003, you wrote:
>>When I recently upgraded to vpopmail 5.3.29 from vpopmail 5.3.27 I
realized that I can no longer add users under qmailadmin.
>>I can use any version of qmailadmin, it just depends on the version of
vpopmail that I am using.  When I add a user with 5.3.29 it just comes
back and says a user can not be added.
> Steve,
>         Did you recompile and reinstall qmailadmin after upgrading
> vpopmail?
> Greg

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