Vpopmail 5.3.27
Qmail 1.03
patch < doublebounce-trim.patch
patch < qmail-remote.diff
patch < qmail-local.diff
patch < qmail-1.03-mfcheck.3.patch
patch < nullenvsender-recipcount.patch
patch < sendmail-flagf.patch
patch < qmail-maildir++.patch
patch < qmail-queue.patch

I'm getting the CNAME lookup failed temporarily error for earthlink.net
addresses.  I've read this:

dnscache is, as the name implies, a caching DNS server. It knows how to
handle large DNS responses and generally improves DNS lookup performance for
all services that use DNS. Because it doesn't require patching qmail, this
is by far the best solution. See the djbdns section under Related Packages
for more information.

Question I have is what if I don't own the DNS server?  I'm using an
/etc/resolv.conf file to point to my Colo companies DNS server.

Maybe I don't understand something?



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