I consider to re-install my mail-server from scratch (several reasons, one
of them is to get better management-options on the Intel Server Board inside
the server, another is that it is easier for me to keep the server updated
with RPM packages than compiling everything manually every time
security-updates are needed)... It is running RedHat 7.3 right now, with
qmail and vpopmail v5.2 compiled with MySQL support.

In order to move things to a new server while re-installing (and also to
migrate back to the new installation), I guess the procedure is something
like the following (but please do not hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong):

1. Stop qmail services
2. Backup MySQL database (or dump contents)
3. Make backup of everything in /home/vpopmail/domains
3. Backup files in var/qmail/control (these probably needs to be modified
slightly afterwards)
4. Make backup of /etc/tcp.smtp
5. Make backup of /services
6. Make backup of log-files

When installting the new server, qmail and vpopmail will be installed from
scratch. The way to restore everything "back to normal" will then be:

1. Stop running qmail
2. Modify /services scripts
3. Use correct tcp.smtp file
4. copy/merge files in /var/qmail/control
5. Restore data into /home/vpopmail/domains
6. Restore data from old MySQL database into new database
7. Start qmail services

I plan to upgrade to vpopmail 5.2.24+ (one of the versions, where the
mysql-password no longer is hardcoded into the binaries - cannot remember
when that feature was implemented)....

Any comments or special considerations ?



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