On Friday, November 21, 2003, at 06:16 AM, Robert Kropiewnicki wrote:
If this fixes all known problems with 5.3.29, perhaps now is the time to
call a freeze on new features and work towards testing 5.3.30 for a possible
5.4 release.

We've been adding very few new features in recent releases. Most of the work has been toward the 5.4 release.

Note that we have made some significant changes (Bowe's code cleanup, changes in build system) that are intended to improve the stability of vpopmail for the 5.4 release. Other additions (like the pw_flags field) are missing pieces that are necessary for vpopmail to work correctly.

Once 5.4 is released and we start work on 5.5, I hope to keep the 5.4 tree up to date with proven/reliable bug/security fixes from 5.5.

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