On Saturday, November 22, 2003, at 03:41 PM, Ron Dyck wrote:
I've setup vpopmail 5.3.29 with --enable-mysql=y and --enable-valis=y. I
have setup QmailAdmin and manage the forwards/alias from it.

Now I'm looking for the .qmail data. I see a valias table in the vpopmail db
but it's empty. There is a functioning forward setup but I can't find a
.qmail file anywhere.

Exactly how does .valias change the default setup?

Qmailadmin isn't compatible with valias code in vpopmail at this time. It still uses .qmail-user files in the domain directory for aliases and forwards.

In addition to switching to valiases in qmailadmin, there probably needs to be a tool to convert the old-style aliases over to valiases.

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