Henry, I too just started looking into it.. was the idea from this list??
Anyhow, what concerns me is the perl overhead for qpsmtpd, but I'm
probably paying for that overhead by using SpamAssassin...  There is a
link for something that virtualizes a perl processor session to make the
thing run like a daemon to avoid startup and memory grabbing issues; I
believe the link appears on the develooper listing for qpsmtpd.

Why change?  I wanted a nice, friendly way to introduce username checking
since the two patches "out there" for username checking in qmail-smtpd are
conflicting with other patches I run or don't like the mysql backend....

I'd love to see anyone give a testamonial or some usage data about running
qpsmtpd.  (Sorry DJB)


> Hi everyone,
> I just heard about qpsmtpd (http://develooper.com/code/qpsmtpd/) which is
> a
> qmail-smtpd replacement.  It supports plugins that lets you control its
> behavior, such as checking RBL lists, integrate SpamAssassin, etc.  Yes,
> the
> current qmail-smtpd can do all that but sometimes that requires patching
> the
> source and I'm not a fan of having to mess around with source codes.
> Has anyone tried using qpsmtpd on their vpopmail installation?
> -Henry Ho

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