Remo Mattei <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Why r u using the qmail-pop instead of courier? Most people will do
> courier-imap which does contain pop server as well and works beautifully
> with vpopmail. 

On a related note -

I find binc imap much nicer than Courier IMAP because it actually uses
checkpassword instead of calling the vpopmail libraries.  This means that it
sets the lastauth, etc logs correctly and in general operates nicely with the
rest of a qmail system.  It's called with tcpserver or inetd or whatever, just
as qmail-pop3d is.

Courier's vpopmail password authentication is hacky; Binc's is beautiful and
far more flexible.  The bits and pieces of Courier are generally not well
suited to external use.

- Erik

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