I've just migrated all my accounts and qmail files from my vpopmail/qmail/ecetera... 
to a new server.  I used rsync to grab all the files.  I'm pretty sure I did 
everything correctly as was discussed on this list.  I stoppped qmail beforehand.  
After I did this my vqadmin recognized all the accounts and domains and users and 
passwords. BUT when I try to use on of the accounts it just keeps asking me for the 
password and I get the error password rejected.  Even if I create a new account and 
password or change an old password  from an account that was moved over it still 
doesn't want to recognize it.
There are a couple of thigns I noticed while troubleshooting.  The assign file in 
/var/qmail/control has UID/GUID for vpopmail that matched the old server so I changed 
those to match the vpopmail account and vchkpw on the new server.  I also noticed that 
the vpasswd, vpasswd.cdb and vpasswd.lock files were not owned by vpopmail account so 
I chnaged the permissions there.  I rebooted and I still can't use the passwords.  Any 
ideas on what I might be missing here or what I did wrong?  It seemed pretty straight 
forward and it all went without a hitch so I don't really know what the problem could 
Thanks in advance....
John McGivern

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