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I am running RH 9,, qmail-1.0.3... vpopmail-5.2.1... autorespond-2.0.2... and ezmlm-0.53-idx-0.41..... when running "make" i get the following ----


vpopmail.h & and vauth.h are in /home/qmail/include ... I checked some FAQ's and all the anwers were that "vpopmail was not installed" hoever..this is not the case and it is up and running. I read the INSTALL and don't see where any of the flag pertain to the above....am I seriously over looking something? Please advise.

When you configured qmailadmin, what did it say for the vpopmail dir in "Current Settings"? Make sure that the home directory in your /etc/passwd file for the vpopmail user is /home/qmail.

If you look at ~vpopmail/etc, are there inc_deps and lib_deps files? Is there anything in them?

Try going into your vpopmail source dir and running `./config.stats --recheck`, then do the same thing in the qmailadmin source directory. Try building qmailadmin, and it should hopefully work at that point.

Old versions of vpopmail had a bug where inc_deps and lib_deps wouldn't get built if it was the first time vpopmail was getting installed.

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