That was one of the questions that I had regarding vipmap. Since I am using
the authvchkpw module in Courier, I thought that vipmap would work. Since
vpopmail seems geared toward using Courier-IMAP, if certain features are not
compatible, it would be helpful it that information was documented

If vipmap, in fact, does not work with Courier-IMAP, is there a POP3 and
IMAP solution that does work with vipmap?


Jim L.

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> > On Friday, November 21, 2003, at 11:24  AM, Jim L. wrote:
> > > HELP!  I have been working with this for the last three days and I am
> > > out of
> > > ideas. I cannot get ip-alias-domains to work. I have mapped a domain
> > > to an
> > > IP address using vipmap.
> >
> > Can someone confirm that vipmap works for them with the current version
> > of vpopmail?  If it's broken for everyone, we need to find the cause
> > and fix it before the 5.4 release.
> I ran some tests on it the other day after seeing this post,
> and it appeared to work OK as far as I could see (POP3)
> Its not going to work from Courier though I wouldn't think.
> Courier doesn't use the vchkpw code when it auth's a user.
> What it does is :
> take the username/password supplied by the user,
> runs vauth_getpw() to retrieve that user's passwd entry,
> runs a crypts the password supplied by the user,
> compares the crypted pass against the pass in the pwent.
> If it matches then auth is successful, else declared a failure.
> Michael.

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