Sorry!, I typed up that email pretty fast... here is some diagnosis data...

I ran configure with:
--enable-mysql=y  --enable-rebuild-tcpserver-file=n
-enable-roaming-users=y --enable-learn-passwords=y --enable-logging=p

           vpopmail 5.3.24
            Current settings
vpopmail directory = /usr/local/vpopmail
               uid = 89
               gid = 89
          ip alias = OFF --enable-ip-alias-domains=n (default)
address extentions = OFF --enable-qmail-ext=n (default)
rebuild tcpserver file = NO --enable-rebuild-tcpserver-file=n
     roaming users = ON  --enable-roaming-users=y
    tcpserver file = /usr/local/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp
    open_smtp file = /usr/local/vpopmail/etc/open-smtp
        user quota = 100000000S,10000C -enable-hardquota=100000000S,10000C
     domain quotas = ON  --enable-domainquotas=y
       auth module = mysql --enable-mysql=y
 mysql replication = OFF --enable-mysql-replication=n (default)
table optimization = many domains --enable-many-domains=y (default)
  system passwords = OFF --enable-passwd=n (default)
      file locking = ON  --enable-file-locking=y (default)
         file sync = OFF --enable-file-sync=n disable vdelivermail fsync
     make seekable = ON  --enable-make-seekable=y (default)
      auth logging = ON  --enable-auth-logging=y (default)
     mysql logging = OFF --enable-mysql-logging=n (default)
      clear passwd = ON  --enable-clear-passwd=y (default)
     users big dir = ON  --enable-users-big-dir=y (default)
 valias processing = OFF --enable-valias=n
      mysql limits = OFF --enable-mysql-limits=n (default)
        pop syslog = show failure attempts with clear text password
          auth inc = -I/usr/local/include/mysql
          auth lib = -L/usr/local/lib/mysql  -lmysqlclient -lz

I'm running FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE on an AMD 1800+/256mb ram/40gb Seagate hd...
Its also a webserver... 

qmailadmin IS:

Apache *IS* setup to use /usr/local/www/ as's ScriptAlias... (I had to fix that first... I used to
have the problem that the images wouldn't show up on the qmailadmin page,
and nothing would work, its because I forgot to put my scriptalias in my
virtualdomain directive in apache :)
Thanks much!!!

Brad Hughes
btw... sorry on the last one, I had hit the wrong button (reply instead of
reply to all, so it didn't get sent out to the list)

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You need to be more specific pal... what's your vpopmail configuration??
which options did you use with ./configure??


On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 12:41, Brad Hughes wrote:
> Hey again,
> I did a install of qmailadmin to my /cgi-bin/ directory, it does
> execute the executable and brings up the user/pass/domain box, I put
> in postmaster, my domain, and my password, but it says its invalid.
> I'm using a mysql backend for qmail if this matters. I also went into
> the db and checked the password, it is what I had originally typed in.
> thanks in advance
> Happy thanksgiving to everyone out there!
> :)
> Brad Hughes
> _kS

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