Hi, I am having alittle problem on a migration I'm hoping someone can
help me with.


For a few years we have been running vpopmail 5.2.1 with qmailadmin
without a hitch, it's been great. That is why I didn't hesitate going
with vpopmail again. This time I used qmailtoaster to get it all
installed with vqadmin as a extra feature that makes things alot easier.

Now I have the new server up and running fine, but I now need to migrate
all the mail boxes, usernames and passwords along with all the virtual
domains over to vpopmail 5.3.8.

No problem I thought just copy the SQL data across along with the
domains directory structure and all would be ok. Well I did find out
that when we complied the old vpopmail we didn't compile for many
domains so now the database structure is different. No problem I
thought. I'm sure there would be a script or howto to migrate.

Well I did find some things but they seemed to have mixed results..

First I used vconvert -c -m on the old server to convert to cbd (went
ok) then I copied the data across and used vconvert -m -c on the
domains.. vconvert seemed to add them into the database BUT it didn't
work. Vqadmin didn't see the domains and any existing one that was in
there it complained about the postmaster password not being set and it
just became broke. 

The same would happen if I used the perl script converter.

So I dropped all the tables and started from scratch again. This time I
tried adding the domains first then using vconvert, same thing, vconvert
said it imported the vpasswd cbds but vqadmin only listed 1 user and
currupted the postmaster password. 

Also one other thing is that once they were corrupted like that and I
used mysql to drop all the tables, vqadmin would still see the domains!
Where does vqadmin keep it's domain data? Must not be in SQL now as
there was nothing in sql for it to read..

So basicaly a run down of the trouble I'm having is;

Migrating from 5.2.1 to 5.3.8 with different sql stucture.
mysql -> cbd -> mysql doesn't seem to work.
vqadmin having problems..

Again thanks for any help you might give.
Nick Clewer
Winshop Internet Pty Ltd

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