I've cleaned up my welcome.msg patch to vpopmail-5.3.30 and posted it on vpopmail.sf.net. It adds a vsendwelcome() function to vpopmail.c and a call to it at the end of vadduser(). Also included are README.welcomemsg and a welcome.msg.dist file which is just a placeholder right now.

I've cleaned it up and added per-domain welcome messages.

Please note that if you apply this patch to vpopmail you will need to relink vqadmin and qmailadmin for these changes to take effect.

It hasn't been extensively tested. If you give it a try and notice problems or have comments please let me know.

-- Yermo

P.S. Inter7.com guys, if you decide to include this patch in the distribution I'd suggest editing the sample welcome.msg.dist file.

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