vsetuserquota is the command, not vsetquota but regardless your syntax is
correct.  Where it is stored is two places, one of which depends on what
type of database you're using.

It will always be in
maildirsize is a text file, it you read the first line it will have the
quota.  That's the file that's looked at during delivery.

It will also be stored in the database.  If you're using cdb, the default
for vpopmail, it will be in /path/to/vpopmail/domains/blah.com/vpasswd (and
also vpasswd.cdb).  If you're using mysql, then it's in the database in the
pw_shell field.


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Subject: [vchkpw] Mailbox quota changes

I recently moved to vpop for mail accoutns for multiple domains. 
What is the suggested way to be able to change the quota for specific
account under a vpop domain.

Domain: blah.com
- all users have a 5MB quota.
- [EMAIL PROTECTED] would like to have 10MB quota.

Is the only way to do this 'vsetquota [EMAIL PROTECTED] 10000000' ?

Where is the "control" fiel for that specific mailbox so I can verify this
change actuallyhappened?

Of course references to helpful links or previous posts always welcome...

Thanks in advance...

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