It seems that vchkpw uses the returned directory from vget_assign to determine
the real domain (after domain aliasing).  This is upsetting.  I've recently
collapsed all of my virtual domains down to use one .qmail-default because
with my hacked maildrop-sql, mail delivery instructions are controlled by the
mysql database itself.

vchkpw seems to think that the aliased domain for all domains seems to be
'domains', which is the name of the directory that the global .qmail-default
resides in.

This is painfully broken behavior and it is lucky that this approach happens
to work at all; it should be fixed to look at the first field of the CDB
entry.  This unfortunately will involve either changing vget_assign or adding
an ugly function that lives next to it.

I'm looking at vpopmail-5.3.29, but I don't think that this has changed since.

- Erik Bourget

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