Hi Jerker,

> I cant seem to connect courier-imap to vpopmail. Im using qmailadmin
> to handle all users and domains that I have and that works fine. But
> the problem is when i installed courier-imap and squirrelmail to get
> webaccess i cant seem to logon... How do i connect courier-imap to
> vpopmail, and verify that it works?

Regarding the first question:

Courier-IMAP has different authentication plugins. Make sure you have
the authvchkpw module activated. IIRC, you should also disable
authdaemon, as it doesn't work correctly with vpopmail (at least in
older versions; I didn't track it).

Regarding the second question:

Courier-IMAP has good logging capabilities. Check on the console first,
using "telnet localhost 143", doing a manual IMAP connect. This will
make clear if the problem is with Courier-IMAP and not with a
misconfiguration in SquirrelMail.

Another option is to use BincIMAP instead of Courier-IMAP, which uses
the original vchkpw programm (it has a checkpassword-compatible
interface). From my point of view, it's a lot easier to set up.


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