In user.c line 1046:

    error =    execl(cmd, Newu, Domain, Password1, Gecos, NULL);
    sprintf(StatusMessage, "%s, \"%s\", %s, %s, %s, %s\n",
      get_html_text("202"), cmd, hooks[hook_type],
      Newu, Domain, Password1, Gecos);
    if (error == -1) return (-1);

Shouldn't the 2nd parameter be cmd as well per the manpage?

"The  const  char *arg and subsequent ellipses in the execl, execlp, and
execle functions can be thought of as arg0, arg1, ..., argn.   Together
they describe a list of one or more pointers to null-terminated strings
that represent the argument list available  to  the  executed  program.
The  first argument, by convention, should point to the file name asso-
ciated with the file being executed."

Running a perl script from .qmailadmin-hooks the first parameter ARGV[0] ends up being the domain, not the name.


blank lines in .qmailadmin-hooks cause a coredump.


if you do not specify all three lines (adduser,moduser,deluser) the edit page displays garbled errors (create .qmailadmin-hooks and just put a adduser line in it and you'll see what I mean)

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