> I've attempted to use vchkpw to authenticate both system (/etc/passwd)
> and virtual (vpopmail) accounts, as vchkpw's documentation suggests it will
> do.  Unfortunately, my system accounts can not authenticate via vchkpw as
> called by both IMAP and SMTP-AUTH services.  Virtual accounts authenticate
> correctly to both mechanisms.


> So, my question in a nutshell is: Does vchkpw really handle both system
> and
> virtual accounts, and if so, what might I be doing wrong to keep it from
> working as advertised?


I was able to resolve this without the assistance of the list and am
embarrassed to admit that somehow, despite setting many compile-type
configuration options with vpopmail, I missed the "--enable-passwd=y"
directive to the configure script.  I'm a tad embarrassed, but perhaps
having this in the archives will help someone else resolve their issues.
(Ironically, I managed to migrate all my system accounts over to vpopmail
before figuring out what the problem was.)

Many thanks!


Paul Robinson

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