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> On Friday, December 5, 2003, at 10:23  AM, Oscar Retana M. wrote:
> > I've found several bugs in vldap.c module. Who should I contact to
> > report the bugs... and the solutions :)
> Please post patches to SourceForge <http://vpopmail.sf.net/>.
> Make sure they're against the latest development version.  As far as I 
> know, we don't have an active maintainer for LDAP.  Michael Bowe has 
> looked at it a bit, but I don't think any of the current developers 
> have an LDAP setup to test with.

Yes, I have done some assorted minor work with the LDAP module,
making sure it compiles successfully etc.

I recently tried to get a working vpopmail/LDAP install going on my 
test machine, but I found the LDAP config all a bit bewildering. :-/
The README.ldap file that comes with the vpopmail source had 
some information, but it wasnt sufficiently clear enough for an LDAP 
beginner like me.

I would really LOVE for someone who has got the LDAP module
up and running to type up a quick step-by-step guide showing 
how they did it. We could then use this as a basis for getting
the README.ldap guide up to date. 

I have been working on getting the various README files up to
date before vpopmail-5.3.x gets marked as 5.4-stable. It seems
that quite a few people are using the LDAP module, so it would be
great if we could get the docs up to speed before 5.4.


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