As you told me, I have upgraded to vpopmail-5.3.30

But I still have the problem and get the message :
sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)

When I want to send an email with SMTP.
As if vpopmail don't added my IP into the tcp.smtp.cdb database file.
and that's the case, there isn't my IP in this file.

Anyone have a solution for that ? Because I have this problem on 2 servers.

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I have installed on 2 linux (debian and mandrake) Qmail + vpopmail +
Courier-Imap ....  based on this very well done document :

I have a big problem.
The roaming user is not working. When I want to send an email, it
answer that I'm not authorized to send mail through that smtp server.
As if tcpserver isn't wrapping the POP3 and IMAP connections to
authentificate connections and add them to the tcp.smtp.cdb
What is strange is that if I stop the qmail service and I restart it,
it works but only for the people which are connecting to the server
just at this time.

I see that site recommends vpopmail-5.2.1
I dont think this is a very good idea, as this version contains a number of
bugs, including a big one that causes problems with authenticating in

I would recommend that you upgrade to the current stable vpopmail-5.2.2, or
even the current development vpopmail-5.3.30

Note that if you upgrade your vpopmail, you will also then need to rebuild
any other apps that use the vpopmail functions (eg qmailadmin, courier-imap)

I have recently written some information regarding vpopmail roaming users.
Perhaps take a look and see if it helps you solve your problem :


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