I'm doing some work for a client and ran into some problems I can't find
mentioned in the manual.

According to the following two urls, you can edit extra.h in the qmail
source, recompile and then have a copy of all e-mails going to the
address [EMAIL PROTECTED] Then of course you have to setup a filter
to use in .qmail-log so you only get a copy of the messages you want and
not all e-mails. And once an e-mail meets the description the filter's
looking for, you can't send the copy to an e-mail address or it will be
back in the queue and get copied again, causing a loop.

I also found that since vpopmail works by setting all domains up as
virtual, the modification to extra.h drops the copy in the queue
addressed to [EMAIL PROTECTED], which can also result in a

So, I changed qmail to treat hostname.domain.tld as a local domain, even
though domain.tld is still a virtual domain handled by vpopmail. Then
for the messages that meet the filter, I had qmail deliver the message
to "| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ''
/home/vpopmail/domains/arroway.com/mike", but now it fails with
permission problems. (Unable to open the Maildir because it's owned by
vpopmail, but vdelivermail is being executed by qmail.) I suspect if I
had qmail deliver straight to the appropriate Maildir it would still
fail, as it would still lack permission privileges.

I'm thinking using the setuid bit on vdelivermail is a _bad_ thing, as
would be changing the permissions on "mike's" Maildir. Am I right and
can anyone else think of a way this could be accomplished? Having the
user log into the server and use a text editor to read the copies of the
messages isn't really an option.

(And yes, they understand all the legal ramifications of copying mail...
all of their employees are aware that mail to them from certain people
or from them to certain people is copied to the office manager.)



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