This is the first pre-release of a stable version of
vpopmail that incorporates new features and bug
fixes from the 5.3 development series.

It includes more changes to the build process
(Michael Bowe did significant work on,
so please report any problems you have building or
installing it.

Likewise, if anything needs to be fixed before we
release it as "final", please tell us now.

5.4.0-pre1 - released 10-Dec-03

Michael Bowe
- Updated README.xxxauthbackend files to include indication
  of which auth systems are of production quality (cbd, mysql),
  which ones are believed to be generally functional (ldap,
  pgsql) and which ones are not recommended (oracle, sybase,
  activedir) [832302]
- Review the assorted text files included in the source dir.
  Remove out-of-date content / files as appropriate. Updated
  some minor typos in the documentation [793659]
- Contributed the README.roamingusers file that provides some
  explanation of how the vpopmail roaming users system works.
- Revised the script to try and improve logic,
  formatting, and helpstrings. Also added tests for many new
  functions/libraries as per suggestions from autoscan tool.
- Contributed README.ipaliasdomains file that provices some
  explanation of the how the vpopmail IP Alias Domains system
- Modified vdeldomain() so that it emits a warning rather than
  aborting should any of the steps in the delete process fail.
  The idea is to allow a partially installed domain to be
  cleanly and easily removed from the vpopmail system [821972]

Tom Collins
- Update more files involved in the build process.
- Remove unused variable (fs) from vset_limits() in vlimits.c.
- Change permissions on vpopmail.mysql to 0640. [848605]
- vuserinfo: indicate whether limit came from domain limits.
- Correctly apply domain limits to user accounts.
- Fix problem in maildirquota.c where off_t was assumed to be
  long.  Created wrapper function to do conversion. [797011]
- Fix double-printing of email address with vpopbull -V.
- vpopbull: Fix incorrect link building when file starts with '/'.
- vpopbull: Send errors to STDERR.

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