Tom, (I feel like I am talking to myself... But what else is new)

We are not using Courier for our POP/IMAP (no IMAP at all). Instead we
are using qmail-pop3d for pop auth, so something else is causing that
relay entry to appear.

Any other thoughts?

Ideally, I would just like the server to use tcp.smtp.cdb file instead
of the database... I am pretty sure that you need the
--enable-roaming-users=y for it to use the cdb file, but I guess there
is some logic in there that also adds the functionality to the database
if the --use-mysql is enabled... I will trip through the code to see if
I can find a reference to that...


Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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> On Thursday, December 11, 2003, at 02:36  PM, Tom Walsh wrote:
> > The lastauth is obviously coming from sqwebmail (our 
> webmail client).
> > Do
> > I have to recompile sqwebmail against the updated 
> libvpopmail.a (the 
> > one
> > that no longer has the lastauth code in it) to get it to 
> stop updating
> > the lastauth table? Or is there something else perhaps a 
> config option
> > in the sqwebmail itself? Or even worse hack the sqwebmail code to 
> > remove
> > the lastauth call? It seems to reason that sqwebmail would only use
> > lastauth in the database if it knew it was there so I think there is
> > something to do with the libvpopmail.a rather than anything else.
> libvpopmail is statically linked into programs that use it, 
> so updating 
> vpopmail will always require that you recompile programs that 
> interface 
> to it (like sqwebmail).
> The relay entry could be from Courier-IMAP if you're using it as your 
> POP/IMAP server.  Recompile Courier since it links into 
> libvpopmail as 
> well, and that update may go away.
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