Rodney M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks for the tip.  Over the weekend I finally fixed my problem.  For
> starters, in order to use spamc (instead of spamassassin) you have to
> have spamd running.  I'm starting spamd like so:
> spamd -d -a -v -x -u vpopmail -H /home/vpopmail/
> For some reason maildrop didn't like my original mailfilter so I used
> the following that was posted on the qmailadmin list recently:

Remove the -u from the spamd startup line, you shouldn't need the -H either.
Your mailfilter calls spamc with the -u command, so you don't need it with

By the way, I use the same filter, and it works great.

My spamd line is: /usr/bin/spamd -v -a -c


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