I am using vpopmail and ezmlm to host a mailing list.  I am using the
qmail-verh patch to put the user's email address in the list unsubscribe
address.  I patched qmail-local and qmail-remote and changed the
ezmlmrc.  The qmail-verh patch allows you to use ##L##H in the headeradd
in ezmlm and those tags will be replaced with the user's email address. 
This is working great for remote delivery.  Also, for a real local
address on the box, not a member of a vpopmail domain, but a real unix
account mailbox it also works.  It does not do the replacement of ##L##H
for messages delivered to any of my vpopmail accounts.  What this seems
to tell me is that vpopmail has its own delivery mechanism that is not
patched by qmail-verh.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Thanks in
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