On Monday, December 15, 2003, at 10:17 PM, Jake Knobloch wrote:
I am using vpopmail and ezmlm to host a mailing list. I am using the
qmail-verh patch to put the user's email address in the list unsubscribe
address. I patched qmail-local and qmail-remote and changed the
ezmlmrc. The qmail-verh patch allows you to use ##L##H in the headeradd
in ezmlm and those tags will be replaced with the user's email address.
This is working great for remote delivery. Also, for a real local
address on the box, not a member of a vpopmail domain, but a real unix
account mailbox it also works. It does not do the replacement of ##L##H
for messages delivered to any of my vpopmail accounts. What this seems
to tell me is that vpopmail has its own delivery mechanism that is not
patched by qmail-verh. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks in

Yes, vdelivermail handles delivery of the messages. I thought that qmail-local was still involved though (e.g., the mail was processed by qmail-local and then by vdelivermail).

Are ##L##H replaced by anything? Maybe the patch only affects the qmail-local code that writes the email out to the directory.

Do qmail-remote and qmail-local only make the changes in the headers? I'd think that it could be dangerous to do it in the entire message.

You'd need to look at vdelivermail.c, find where it writes the email out, and add code to replace ##L##H in the headers. Note that vdelivermail.c is due for an overhaul once we start the 5.5 development series.

Feel free to add this as a feature request to http://vpopmail.sf.net/. It will be a low priority for developers, but it might eventually get into vpopmail.

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