On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 10:35, Tom Collins wrote:
> Yes, vdelivermail handles delivery of the messages.  I thought that 
> qmail-local was still involved though (e.g., the mail was processed by 
> qmail-local and then by vdelivermail).
> Are ##L##H replaced by anything?  Maybe the patch only affects the 
> qmail-local code that writes the email out to the directory.
In the headers of messages delivered to a vpopmail address on the same 
server, the headers include the ##L##H.

> Do qmail-remote and qmail-local only make the changes in the headers?  
> I'd think that it could be dangerous to do it in the entire message.
Only the headers, if you include ##L##H in the body of any of the
messages, it is not substituted no matter where it is delivered.
> You'd need to look at vdelivermail.c, find where it writes the email 
> out, and add code to replace ##L##H in the headers.  Note that 
> vdelivermail.c is due for an overhaul once we start the 5.5 development 
> series.
I guess a simple look at ~/vpopmail/bin/ and vdelivermail would have
jumped right out at me.
> Feel free to add this as a feature request to http://vpopmail.sf.net/.  
> It will be a low priority for developers, but it might eventually get 
> into vpopmail.
If I don't find anyone who has done it already, I will create a 
patch for vdelivermail.c and try to have it included with the qmail-verh


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