i just upgrade my old vpopmail to ldap under mandrake linux 9.2.
i try 5.3.30 and now using 5.4.0pre1. i can not reproduce this error.
the only error during migration is that i can not use "vadduser" to
migrate old password. i must use "vmoduer" to migrate old password.
i wrote a little script to migrate old vpopmail account to ldap. and
it works fine. but it scares me if there are few people using vpopmail-ldap.
maybe i should use qmail-ldap instead? but i already use vpopmail 2 years,
and it works great. now every service are using ldap, so i hope maybe
vpopmail can catchup...

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> From: "X-Istence" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> Oscar Retana M. wrote:
>> >
>> > > vadddomain test.com password
>> > Error: Internal (implementation specific) error 80
>> >
>> > Error 80 -> 0x50  "LDAP_OTHER - Unknown Error" - Cool!
>> >
>> Like README.ldap says, its not very common, in fact, we have no active
>> commiter for ldap i believe, and its not in any good condition either.
>> As far as i know, noone has ever seen that error before.
> Yes, I know there are people out there using the LDAP module,
> but we are really in desperate need of someone to contribute some
> notes showing the steps required to get vpopmail/ldap up and running.
> To try and faultfind this particular error, I would recommend you start
> adding some printf's to the source code (eg vadddomain() in vpopmail.c,
> vauth_adddomain() in vldap.c) to see if you can track down what is
> going wrong.  Or maybe even try "strace vadddomain test.com password"
> Michael.

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