Hi all,

As suggested by Mat, i transfert my question to that list.

Anyone can tell me how to do this please ?

thanks a lot


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De : Mat Kovach [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Envoye : mardi 16 decembre 2003 18:11
Objet : RE: Default failure notice receiver problem ?

Florent Gilain writes:
 > I tryed to create a
 > /export/home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com/.qmail-postmaster file
 > &[EMAIL PROTECTED] in order to forward all the mails to [EMAIL PROTECTED],
but i
 > didn't worked.

You should check the documentation for vpopmail.  I'm positive (but
can't remember how) that you can setup the postmaster account to
forward mail to another user.  It is a function available in vpopmail.

Might want to forward this to the vpopmail list.


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