Ross Davis - <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> On my pc (using outlook 2002) I have added one pop3 account to pull
>> the mail from my inbox off onto my machine and another Imap account
>> that I can use to monitor my spam folder.  This is really nice
>> concept wise except I am getting an error about 20% of the time when
>> I check my email.  If I remove the Imap account I do not get the
>> error.  Outlook checks both accounts at the same time and there is
>> no way to stop that. I tried everything.
>> I think the problem is that imap and pop3 are conflicting with each
>> other when checking the same account at the same time.  Anyone else
>> tried this or know of a solution?

Incorrect.  The problem is courier-imap only allows a small amount of imap
connections per IP, and outlook and outlook express both open several
connections at a time, and the IMAP server is killing the extra connections.

Find your 'imapd' file, (default /usr/lib/courier-imap/etc), and find the
"MAXPERIP" variable.  Raise it.

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