On Wednesday, December 17, 2003, at 05:50 AM, Hélio Rubens Kamogawa wrote:
Thanks for all your help. But I am still having the problem. I've made
the following test:

1. Created a domain foo.com on 'smtp01'. Vpopmail auth works.
2. Removed all entries of foo.com on /var/qmail/users/assign
/var/qmail/control/virtualdomains. It still works.
3. Removed the /var/vpopmail/domains/foo.com directory. Not working.
4. Re-create the directory. Works again.

Question: Does vchkpw checks for ~vpopmail/domains structure to validate
the login?

It sounds like a possible bug in (I'm guessing) vauth_getpw, and the limits code in particular. I'm guessing that if it can't change to the domain directory, it fails with an error.

I don't think there's any reason to require the directory to be present. I'll take a look at the code and see if I can fix it.

What version of vpopmail were you using? 5.3.30? Are the SMTP connections coming in on port 25?

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