this is strange. vpopmail 5.3.18, longtime stable installation.

i've run across a customer for whom the quota is just plain loopy, name obscured for privacy:

name:  xxxxxxx
passwd: xxxxxxx
clear passwd: xxxxxxxx
uid:    0
gid:    0
        all services available
dir:       /u1/domains/
quota:     100000000S,5000C
usage:     49%
last auth: Fri Dec 19 19:42:19 2003
last auth ip:

seems just dandy. says cust using using about 50% of their 100meg quota (disk-speak megs, mind you).

but wait, look at this:

cd /u1/domains/
du -hs
du -hs cur
du -hs .sent-mail

i've tried deleting the maildirsize file, no change. I'm not seeing this for other accounts.

thoughts? yes, i'm aware there are newer versions of vpopmail. i'm planning a major migration to new hardware, and upgraded vpopmail et al, after the new year. in the meantime, i'd like this customer to start getting the 'at or near quota' message, at bare minimum!

Paul Theodoropoulos

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