Just from a best practice stand point, it sounds like you're really asking for a headache accessing the same data 2 different ways at the same time with the same program. I'd recommend finding a different solution. One being setting up a filter in outlook that looks for the Spam status header and filtering it in outlook rather than on the server (if bandwidth isn't something you're trying to save).

The other being just check the spam folder via webmail once in a while. I'd really try and avoid accessing the same data at the same time 2 different ways. While unix is forgiving, most client applications aren't.


On Dec 16, 2003, at 5:44 PM, Ross Davis - DataAnywhere.net wrote:

I have configured my new server with pop3 and courier imap. I built the
server within the last week with the latest version from source forge.
I am using maildrop to drop my spam email into a .Spam imap folder and
this works great as I have a folder that is visible from sqwebmail.
That works great.

On my pc (using outlook 2002) I have added one pop3 account to pull the
mail from my inbox off onto my machine and another Imap account that I
can use to monitor my spam folder.  This is really nice concept wise
except I am getting an error about 20% of the time when I check my
email.  If I remove the Imap account I do not get the error.  Outlook
checks both accounts at the same time and there is no way to stop that.
I tried everything.

I think the problem is that imap and pop3 are conflicting with each
other when checking the same account at the same time.  Anyone else
tried this or know of a solution?

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