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> Ross Davis - DataAnywhere.net <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> On my pc (using outlook 2002) I have added one pop3 account to pull
> >> the mail from my inbox off onto my machine and another Imap account
> >> that I can use to monitor my spam folder.  This is really nice
> >> concept wise except I am getting an error about 20% of the time when
> >> I check my email.  If I remove the Imap account I do not get the
> >> error.  Outlook checks both accounts at the same time and there is
> >> no way to stop that. I tried everything.
> >>
> >> I think the problem is that imap and pop3 are conflicting with each
> >> other when checking the same account at the same time.  Anyone else
> >> tried this or know of a solution?

first of all, why use the imap AND pop3 account?  You can view your
inbox with your imap account just fine.  I use imap, and only imap
anymore, as I like to be able to get the same emails from anywhere :)

> Incorrect.  The problem is courier-imap only allows a small amount of imap
> connections per IP, and outlook and outlook express both open several
> connections at a time, and the IMAP server is killing the extra connections.

Unfortunately that is true.  Also unfortunately, Mozilla Thunderbird (at
least for linux) also does that.  It sets up a new connection for each
folder, which, in my case, is very bad, as I have lots of imap folders
(at least 2 for every mailing list I'm on, as well as lots of 'personal'

I don't use windows anymore, and I never really used Outlook with my
imap server, I've been using evolution under linux for the past 2 years,
which is absolutely wonderful.

I would suggest perhaps trying some other mail clients.  I know eudora
(at least later versions) is very nice, but it's not freeware, so unless
you register it you have a few very small (and unobtrusive) ads in your
main client window (it is NOT spyware, and will NOT pop up ads on you)

Also, I'm sure freshmeat would have a nice listing of free email clients
for windows, certainly one of them will perform well enough for you.  I
certainly wish I could recommend one for you other than Eudora, but I do
not use windows anymore, nor do I feel like installing windows just for
that ;)  Maybe some day...

I am planning on opening a site very soon that will review a lot of
things, I'm semi keeping it secret because I don't own the domain yet
and don't want someone to steal it before I can get it :\  I will put
"Windows MUAs" on my checklist of things to review, hopefully it will be
helpful to someone.

> Find your 'imapd' file, (default /usr/lib/courier-imap/etc), and find the
> "MAXPERIP" variable.  Raise it.

That will certainly help, but in my case I would also be limited by the
max connections configuration directive, because I have far more than 40
(which is the default) imap folders.  I think this is more an MUA
problem than a server side problem.


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